Last Updated On: 12/19/2014

Lost Your MS Word Password? No Problem!

If you forgot a password or tried opening a locked document, you know how frustrating either situation can be. However, with Office Password Recovery Pro, you can now open password protected Office Word documents in a matter of seconds. It instantly finds lost passwords used to modify and document protection passwords in MS Word, Excel, MS PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. In less than 2 minutes, Office Password Recovery Pro can recover the passwords you need. If you searched for Instantly Recover Word Passwords, then Office Password Recovery Pro is for you.

Office Password Recovery Pro is a safe tool designed to unlock your Word documents - Download Now!

Office Password Recovery Pro Features

  • Effectively Recovers Passwords of any Length and Complexity
  • Recover Passwords and Unlock any Document in: Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word and Outlook
  • Simple, User Friendly Interface
  • High Recovery Speed, Processes Multiple Files Simultaneously.
  • Recovers Passwords Instantly in Case of Weak Encryption
  • Backup/Restore Features
  • Free Updates and Professional Technical Support for 12 months
  • Professional Solution for all Products and all Versions of Microsoft Office
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Recover Lost Word Password


Locked office documents that you need to access immediately, but don't remember the password to access them. In the past, the only way to unlock these documents was to hire a password recovery company, which would take hours and cost up to $1,000 per document. In addition, the privacy of your documents maybe compromised by using a password recovery company.


Office Password Recovery Pro

Lost office passwords are no longer an issue with Office Password Recovery Pro. With a simple click, you can be accessing any of your locked office documents in a matter of seconds. Any and all formatting and editing restrictions, locked cells protection, shared protection passwords are retrieved instantly. You no longer have to pay outrageous sums of money to password recovery consultants to access your own documents!

You are just one step away from recovering your passwords!

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Actual Recovery Screenshot:

Recovery Screenshot
Office Password Recovery Pro SOFTPEDIA 100% Clean Award  

SOFTPEDIA "100% clean"
Office Password Recovery Pro
Softpedia, a trusted online resource, has thoroughly tested Office Password Recovery Pro and found it to be completely clean of any malware. As it was found to be absolutely clean, it can be installed without any concern by users, Softpedia says.

"Office Password Recovery PRO saved my job! Thank you guys!"

— Shirley C., CANADA

"The only thing I need to remember now is my wife's birthday!"

— John Tucker, USA